Who am I ?

I was born and grew up in Estonia, in a Russian-speaking town near Russia, and consider myself a half-Russian and half-Estonian. I am inspired by the Italian and French culture, and feed myself with the energy of heavy metal.

I appreciate music that comes from the Eternity, literature which prevents us from closing ourselves within a "case", films that provoke thoughts.

I am able and willing to study; many of my skills are the fruit of what I have learned by myself: cooking, playing guitar, recording music, editing sound and image, developing websites...

I don't like sitting idly by, I work with pleasure and I'm not satisfied till my job is done well. I am tough on myself, I like when everything is on its proper place. Perfectionist as I am, I always try to be precise, sometimes even uselessly, without noticing the time pass by.

I prefer listening (especially to intelligent people) rather than speaking, doing something rather than chatting, and keeping quiet rather than saying banal things. Words are precious for me, I don't let myself to waste them.

Rather than verbal expression, I prefer other ways to express and fulfil myself: my actions, my work, my creativity, my concerts. Noisy and boisterous on stage – discreet and calm in everyday life.

Not clear enough?

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